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CreativityReactor is a social networking community for the digital content creation (DCC) industry.

E-Mail and Website Rules
Please remember that this is an open forum to share non-proprietary information and a place that encourages everyone to share and learn.  We try to be vendor neutral as much as possible  with the exception of discussing or answering questions asked about a specific product. In all cases we should remain reseller neutral. This is not a place for either vendors or resellers to try to take customers away from our other members or companies.

  Currently the rules are very simple:
    Please be honest with your comments and replies at all times.
    Keep the language clean and professional at all times.
    Try to keep all conversations Reseller neutral at all times.
    Try to keep all conversations Vendor neutral unless discussing a specific product.
    Do no send un-related topics or unnecessary e-mails to the group e-mails.
    Do not harass any of our members or associated companies.
    Do not ask other members to post comments on your behalf.
    Please participate as much as possible and help in our recruiting efforts.


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