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Amalia Ordorica

Display name:
Amalia Ordorica
Los Angeles, California, United States
Closest Major City (for Meetings):
Los Angeles, California, United States
Main Position:
Production Assistant
  @ DishNation
Production Assistant
  @ DishNation

2016-10-31 - Present  (2 years, 13 days)
  • Help prepare the set with lights, props, equipment etc.
  • Assist costume designers, directors, camerapeople and other crew members
  • Print and distribute daily paperwork (e.g. scripts, call sheets)
  • Escort actors around the filming area and coordinate extras
  • Conduct crowd control by putting up signs, directing pedestrians away from filming, lock down sets etc.
  • Act as a runner distributing messages or items within film crew and cast
  • Perform administrative work (answering phones, paperwork etc.)
  • Undertake errands as assigned
Member Since: April 27, 2018  (6 months, 17 days)
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