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Kevin Shattuck

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Kevin Shattuck
Portland, Oregon, United States
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Portland, Oregon, United States
Main Position:
Technology and Workflow Specialist
  @ Trailblazer Studios
Technology and Workflow Specialist
  @ Trailblazer Studios

2006-06-01 - Present  (12 years, 5 months, 12 days)

Designing and building large clustered RAID arrays to serve media to ~ 30 Media Composer / Pro Tools / Adobe / Maya editors.

Linux Systems Admin

Network design and implementation

Cloud-based and remote editing workflow implementation for ~ 20 out-of-house freelance editors

Post-Production Workflow Design (consulting on cameras, audio tech and DIT gear through offline, online, and delivery)

Media Asset Management (file integrity, backup strategy, organization, naming schemes)

Programmer - automating workflows for ingesting footage and distributing it to editors,  creation of cloud based task management software used by AE's, techs, and coordinators.  Creating databases and aggregation software for organizing camera masters into individual projects and tracking external hard drives and hard drive contents that are sent away for editing out of house. 


Member Since: December 19, 2016  (1 year, 10 months, 25 days)
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