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The new standard for the rigorous demands of the Media and Entertainment industry, the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance features an advanced Hybrid Storage Pool (HSP) cache-centric architecture based on a highly-threaded symmetric multi-processing (SMP) operating system that fully leverages enterprise multi-core CPUs to provide users with 30 GB/s per second of sustained bandwidth,, enabling customers to run multiple workloads and advanced data services without performance detriment. Its unique Hybrid Storage Pool (HSP) automatically caches data on its massive dynamic random access memory (DRAM) or Flash to provide optimal performance and exceptional efficiency, while ensuring that data remains safely stored on reliable and high capacity hard-disk drive (HDD) storage. With this advanced architecture, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance has demonstrated leading performance in the SPC-2 industry benchmark that measures video streaming.

Media and Entertainment customers leverage these sophisticated caching techniques to complete digital rendering and post-production activities in record time, seamlessly stream media content, and archive active digital assets in high performance storage. Leading visual effects companies and production houses take full advantage of the technological superiority of the Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance portfolio and continue to expand its use within their production environment.

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